Summer is here and so is our overambitious writing goals

Summer can be tricky in setting productivity goals. Suddenly too much of time in hand. Overambitious writing projects. Mounting pile of books to read. I can already feel the adrenaline rush. I am determined as much as the last year, the year before, and the one before that that I will successfully check off the To-Do list by the end of summer. I won’t falter. By god, I won’t this time! But then I’m equally apprehensive that like the past this time too I will be left disappointed when summer will be gone and my productivity will look dismal on paper. This recent article on Vitae talks about setting realistic goals for oneself, and taking a very organized approach to the summer writing plan. This may sound cliché. And yes, that won’t be entirely false. But the goal is to accept that in summer (even without the teaching load) the time is limited, and to think that an entire year worth of writing can be caught up in just three months is going for overkill.

Also, another article by Joli Jensen that talks of maintaining writing productivity.